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how to call a pager

Calling a pager is as easy as 123.

 First dial the pager number.  

Then wait to hear a short beep beep.

Then punch in your call back number.

Press #


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how to send a message to a pager

To send an alphanumeric (text) page to a pager depends on whose network they belong to.  Mostly USA mobility or American Messaging.

In the case of American Messaging, type in the 10 digit pager number as follows:  5105551212@amsmsg.net

In the case of USA mobility, type in the 10 digit pager number as flollows: 5105551212@usamobility.net

How do you send a message from an iPhone to a pager?

Here is what I found from Quora.

  • Numeric Pager– for this type of pager, you dial the pager number, wait for the  tone, and then dial your number followed by #.  Your number shows up on the pager’s display.  Short numeric messaging (911 for emergency, etc…) can accompany your message, but in a very limited fashion.  The recipient typically cannot reply using the pager.
  • Alphanumeric Pager– for this type of pager, you can send a message via text messaging, email, or both depending on the model.  If the pager is a two way response device then you may receive receipt confirmations and other limited, menu driven messages.  Nowadays this is exceedingly rare.

So, from your iPhone you would either dial a numeric pager and use your touchscreen dial pad to send your number and/or short numeric message, or you would send a text or email message if the recipient has an alphanumeric pager.

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