Pager Activations

and repairs

We provide pager service in all major cities in the entire United States. If you have your own pager, we can activate it for free.

Red Motorola LS550 pager

How to call a pager?
How did pagers work?
What is paging?

     Simply just dial the pager number 555-1212, wait for a beeping sound, then type-in your own number, and lastly just hang-up. 


What is a Beeper?

     A Beeper is a street word for a Pager 


How do pagers work?

     A Pager is a communications device.  Just like a cell phone. Only it is mostly one way.  That is, it will only receive calls.
So, you can call a Pager, but it cannot call you back.
Look above for “How to call a Pager or a Beeper?”

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